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7 Worst Foods You Should Avoid At Night

Everyone knows that there are certain foods that you should not eat at night. although many people still break them. Oversight may be forgiven a moment, but there are some foods you must avoid before you go to sleep at night. Before you decide on the next snack before you sleep, you need to know the worst foods you should avoid at night.

1. High Fat Foods 
Of course, whether it be for dinner or just a snack, foods containing high fat, of course, be the worst foods you can eat at night. French fries, pizza with extra cheese, and other greasy foods, all of it into the category of high-fat foods. If the night was late, try to stay away from foods, especially oily and cheese, because these foods are stored in the digestive tract while you sleep.
2. Sweet cereals
Many people make the cereal as one of the favorite snacks before bed. Many people who prefer to consume it at night than in the morning. Cereals, of course, good and healthy - as long as you eat cereal right. Cereals sweet and very sweet however is a bad idea. But you do not need to worry, you can still eat sweet cereal all day, because you still have enough time to burn calories, but you should find a more healthy cereal to eat at night.

3. Spicy snacks 
 Not only does eating spicy food is the worst to eat at night, but also spicy food can disrupt your sleep patterns. In addition to making you more difficult to sleep because of the invasion of endorphins, spicy foods can also make you feel physically uncomfortable. Spicy foods can cause heartburn, stomach problems and exacerbate existing ones.
4. Caffeine 
Many people already understand this to avoid caffeine at night, unless you really intend to stay awake until late at night. Most of you probably know better to avoid caffeinated coffee or tea at night, but the thing is, many foods also contain caffeine. Dark chocolate in general is good for you, but avoid at night because the caffeine contained in dark chocolate would be enough to keep you awake all night.
5. Red Meat 
If you eat late at night, try to avoid red meat. Red meat is one type of food that takes a very long time to digest, because a number of protein and fat found in most types of red meat. As a result, consuming red meat at night will produce endorphins which make you more difficult to fall asleep.
6. Nuts
You must be thinking, is not nuts are very healthy food? Of course it's true - beans have lots of fiber, which is undoubtedly very good for your body. Unfortunately, the fibers made of beans as the worst food to eat at night. Nuts can make digestion become uncomfortable, and again can cause stomach problems at night.
7. Ice cream
Many people seem to be crying because of this, but it is a very good idea to avoid various kinds of ice cream when you are snacking at night. Sugar-free ice cream and fat-free might be a good choice, but choices like chocolate ice cream should be avoided like the plague. That is why sugar and caffeine are not good to eat before bed.

Do you still dare to try this food at night? I suggest you not to consume it, for your body more healthy than before.

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