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Danger Of Blowing Hot Food

Usually when we eat food or drink that is hot then we blow it out so that the food or beverage that goes into our mouths be cold. It can be risky to our health due to food or drink is still hot it will release water vapor that we know where the water vapor is H2O (aq).

If we blow it, then we will remove CO2 from the mouth. according to the chemical reaction, when water vapor reacts with carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid compounds (carbonic acid) that are acidic.

CO2 + H2O => H2CO3

We need to know that there was blood in H2CO3 that is useful to adjust the pH (acidity level) in the blood. Blood is the buffer (which can maintain the pH of the solution) with a weak acid H2CO3 and the conjugate base of HCO3-so the blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 with the following reaction:

CO2 + H20 <= H2CO3 => HCO3-+ H +

The body uses a pH buffer (buffer) in the blood as a protection against the changes which occur suddenly in blood pH. Abnormalities in the mechanisms controlling the pH, can cause one of two major abnormalities in acid-base balance, namely acidosis or alkalosis.

Acidosis is a condition where the blood has too much acid (or a very low base) and often causes decreased blood pH.
While Alkalosis is a condition where the blood has too much base (or too little acid) and sometimes cause increased blood pH.

Back again to the initial problem, where our food is inflatable, and carbon dioxide from our mouth will bind with moisture from the food and produce carbonic acid which will affect the level of acidity in our blood so that it will lead to a situation where our blood will become more acidic than it should so pH in the blood decreases, the situation is more known as acidosis.

Along with decreasing pH of the blood, breathing becomes deeper and more rapid as the body's effort to reduce excess acid in the blood by lowering the amount of carbon dioxide.
In the end, the kidneys also try to compensate this situation by issuing more acid in the urine.
But both of these mechanisms will not be useful if the body is constantly producing too much acid, resulting in severe acidosis. In line with worsening acidosis, the patient began to feel fatigue, drowsiness, nausea and experiencing more confusion. If acidosis worsens, blood pressure may fall, causing shock, coma and even death.

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Could you please write the references! Thanks!

we Muslims our prophet Muhammad advised us not to blow out in hot food 1400 year ago also he was illiterate and this is one of thousands of his scientific lately proved facts and thanks for proving this one too ... god bless him

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