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Traditional Medicine To Treat Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Traditional medicine is chosen by more people with the disease of cholesterol because of its natural and free from side effects, made from traditional medicinal plants that have been studied previously and efficacy testing, especially cholesterol, can be treated with several kinds of traditional medicinal plants and their claim to recover from diseases that haunt during this time. Cholesterol is one part of fat or lipid. Cholesterol is the most we find in animals. Our bodies require very little fat in the body of this type if the excess amount, then that person is said to suffer from high cholesterol (hyper kolesterolemia), so often people refer to cholesterol are bad fats.
In addition to cholesterol, in the lemk also contained triglycerides, phospholipids, and free fatty acids. But most of all it is only the fear of cholesterol and triglycerides. All of these substances can dissolve and flow with the bloodstream as lipoproteins.

Based on the physical and chemical properties, are grouped into several kinds of lipoproteins, including LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (Hight Density Lipoprotein). LDL is the largest transportation carry cholesterol throughout the body. LDL is very easy to stick to the walls of the blood vessel wall which causes the accumulation of fat in this place. The blood vessels will meyempit it. This process is called with atherosclerosis. Another case with DHL (Hight Density Lipoprotein), lipoprotein is greatly needed by the body. Against the LDL HDL function. HDL is important for the body as a cleaner because its function is to transport cholesterol to the liver to dispose of as bile acids. When this has been many studies that prove the cholesterol and triglyceride levels associated with coronary heart disease. LDL and triglycerides in the blood <300 mg / dl and <200 mg / dl. Whereas normal HDL should be more than 45 mg / dl.

Once we see the great dangers posed by cholesterol and triglycerides, there the important role of traditional medicine as a natural remedy that is free from side effects. Some traditional medicinal plants can reduce both types of bad fats, either from experience or from the use of research results.

Teak Traditional Medicinal Plants NetherlandsTraditional medicinal plants of Dutch identity (Gauzuma ulmifolia Lamk) is known since long as a slimming drug raw materials. Slimming means giving up fat deposits in the body. The role of the enzyme lipase. This enzyme will hydrolyze fats into fatty glycerol fatty acid nd. Leaves Dutch identity capable of increasing the activity of the enzyme lipase. Results of steeping herbs traditionally Dutch identity better in appeals decoction.

Traditional Medicinal Plants PulaiTraditional medicinal plants Pulai (Alstoina scholaris R.Br.) is often also called wood cork. Stems and Pulai branch of traditional medicinal plants is more soft and easily broken in the appeal of wood in general. Kulita traditional medicinal plant stems Pulai (Babakan) has been known since long as the manufacture of herbal ingredients. Bark of traditional medicinal plants can also reduce cholesterol in the blood

Traditional Medicinal Plants SambilotoTraditional medicinal plants sambiloto (Andrograpis paniculata Nees) has a lot of properties. Papaitan traditional medicinal plants in the Sunda region can increase the power taham body (immunity) people who eat them. Also believed that this plant can lower cholesterol and triglycerides.


Traditional Medicinal Plants parasite tea
Traditional medicinal plants tea mistletoe (scurulla atropurpureabi.Dans.) Better known as cancer drugs, but the parasite tea traditional medicinal plants can also reduce cholesterol

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