Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Do Not Drink Water While Standing

Plenty water many beneficial for human life. The need for water is also unavoidable in maintaining our health. In one day, at least we need 8 liters to supply our bodies. However, there are things that should be avoided in consuming this water. That should be remembered that when drinking water, do not let you in a standing position.

In a study of acupuncture health experts held one acupuncture. This is evidenced in terms of health. Drinking water that enter through drink while sitting will be screened by sfringer. Sfringer is a structure muscular that can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water you drink will be provided at stations located in the kidney filtration.

If you drink stand, without water you drink is filtered again. Jump to the bladder. When directly to the bladder, the ureter disaluran sedimentation.

Because many wastes that left in the ureter. This is what can crystal causes kidney disease. One of the dangerous kidney disease. Hard piss cause.

What should you do are:
1. Get used to drinking room.
2. Drink plenty of water but not excessive and do not rush

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