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Dangers of Drinking Water Before Meals

Do you people who do this practice everyday?

To reduce excessive eating a lot of people drink water first just before eating. Should eliminate the habit, if you want a drink before dinner do it one hour before a meal.

Eating too much water just before eating it makes you lose your appetite because the stomach becomes full. But drinking water just before eating will make the process of absorption of food by the enzyme becomes more difficult.

Because the water you drink took 30 minutes to flow from the stomach into the intestines. So if you drink just before eating, the water had not been added into the intestine with the food that makes enzymes work harder.

Professor Hiromi Shinya MD, an expert on the enzyme which is also professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine USA, as quoted from his essay, 'The Miracle of Enzyme', Saturday (20/2/2010), suggested that drinking water was performed 1 hour before time to eat.

As with plants, he said there is a good period for drinking because of excessive irrigation on the plant will make the plants to rot and wither. So there is a period of time corresponding to bodies of water to drink.

The ideal way to meet the water needs for the body are:

1-3 glasses when I wake up in the morning
2-3 cups, one hour before lunch
2-3 cups, one hour before dinner.

According to note is that drinking water after waking up because of fluid loss must be quickly replaced when I wake up.

Health experts do not recommend drinking water before bed if very thirsty but can be done one hour before bedtime.

Drinking water just before bed can prevent backflow. Although only water, when mixed with stomach acid into the throat and can be inhaled into the lungs which is feared the risk of suffering from pneumonia.

Get used to sleep with an empty stomach because the throat is designed so that no one goes into it other than air. If still no food or drinks, the stomach contents will spill up into the esophagus when you lie down. When that happens, the body will constrict the windpipe and stop your breathing to prevent stomach contents into the throat.

Many incidents of people dying from a heart attack at dawn. The reason is that the acid flows back as a result of eating or drinking late at night, and ends at the closing of the respiratory tract, then so is irregular breathing, blood oxygen levels decrease and eventually less supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Admittedly, the need to drink every person is different, but make it a habit to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day (1.5 to 2 liters) for adults. If the weather is very hot for example, then people will need to drink more. Conversely those with weak digestive systems may experience diarrhea if you drink too much.

The amount of water a person needs varies depending on the size of the person's body and what is considered appropriate for her body. Only fixed-time look at the ideal time to drink, beyond the need for another drink.

If the water needs are met well then you will rarely get sick. When the water needs are met, the water will moisten the areas in the body that easily attacked by bacteria and viruses such as the bronchi (respiratory tube), stomach and intestinal mucosa. That way the immune system becomes active so that these areas become difficult to attack a virus or bacteria.

Conversely, if less water is consumed, the bronchial mucous membranes will become dehydrated and dried, where phlegm and mucus produced in the bronchi. If there is not enough water then the sputum and bronchial mucus will stick to that later became the breeding of viruses and bacteria.

Water is essential for the body. If there is no water people are not only malnourished but also impurities and toxins will accumulate in the cell can not be excluded. The bad effects, it will accumulate toxins that damage the cells of one gene that can cause changes in the genes into cancer cells.

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